Tardist of the Day: Air Supply

“I like Air Supply”

– RaytheDevil

If you want your rock music to be completely toothless then I’m about to turn you on to something special. Air Supply.

If your high school prom or wedding was during the years 1980 to 1983 you’ve probably heard of these guys. If you like Austrialian rock and you don’t like AC/DC you’re pretty much limited to these guys and INXS, which is way gayer. They’re like Rod Stewart only there is two of them are they have less of that controversial edge.

Air Supply have appeared on The Bachelor which is one of the first things I saw when I Googled them.

Jim Steinman gave them Making Love Out of Nothing At All after he told Meat Loaf he could have it. So Meat Loaf got pissed and sued Jim Steinman. Total Eclipse of the Heart was supposed to be a Meat Loaf song too. That would’ve made it awesome. Both songs were number 1 and 2 on the pop charts at one time, so that’s too bad for Meat Loaf.

Air Supply is the type of band that a lot of people have a Greatest Hits album of theirs, but they would never tell anyone that they actually own it and if they were caught with it they’d definitely say it belonged to their ex-wife.

Air Supply is still playing in front of 10s of people to this day.

This is for you Ray.

As a tribute to Air Supply here is Seth Green singing I’m All Out of Love, while being cradled by a gorilla from the movie Old Dogs.