Kirk Douglas Has Died

Kirk Douglas, star of the movie Spartacus has died at the age of 103. This guy is so old that you probably figured he was already dead. This news comes from his son, fellow actor Michael Douglas (who is 75 years old himself). There is no word on why Douglas passed away, but at 103 he definitely lived to an age few people reach.

Douglas was nominated for 3 Oscars over the course of his career and got a lifetime achievement award in 1996. He’s also survived a helicopter crash and a stroke.

This guy was old. I’ve only seen one of his movies, The Fury which came out in the 1970s when he was still like 60. He hasn’t worked since 2008, but he credits near 100 over the course of a career that began in 1946.

Now who dies next, Dick Van Dyke or Betty White? That almost rhymes.