Tard Week: Impeachment and Shit

TGONN – In a busy week for Washington, tard is in full swing this week as there was a State of The Union address yesterday evening and Senators are expected to vote to acquit President Trump today.

Impeachment started when Trump told some president with a funny last name in Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. That really pissed Democrats off cause investigating a political rival is BAD!



The House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump, and then arguments were made in the Senate about whether or not Trump’s actions warranted his removal. Some people said tard shit like this:


But those that were defending Trump said other types of tard shit:


It is expected that Trump will be acquitted today, because quite frankly Trump has more friends in the Senate than he does in the House of Representatives. That’s just how the tard crumbles. So we fast-forward to the State of the Union which was held last night. And boy did Trump diss Nancy Pelosi like the tard that she is!


But it didn’t stop there. Trump quickly went right for the pussy by giving Rush Limbaugh a medal. Liberals fucking hate Rush Limbaugh! Instant triggers!



In fact, it pissed off liberals so much that Nancy ripped up some paper. People on Twitter liked it, because a 79 year-old woman ripping up paper in public is super fucking edgy these days. And when TGONN says edgy, we mean tardtastic!


TGONN reporters called The Intern for comment. According to The Intern, the lobbyist’s assistant that she blew after he bought her some martinis said, “These fucktards will find something new to argue about next week once Tardweek is over. So who gives a fuck?”