Movie Tard: Sylvester Stallone

While records say he was born Michael Sylvester Stallone in Manhattan, history will show Sly Stallone was born to play a Tard.

Complications during child birth left Stallone with nerve damage in his face. This caused his trademark lip curl and slurred speech.

The acting bug bit Sylvester and he began a film career in 1969 with a bit part in the Robert Redford film Downhill Racer. His first starring role would be in the soft core porno The Party at Kitty and Stud’s (he played kitty).

Stallone would try his hand at many different roles, but struggled to find acting work. Until he made a wise career move.

Stallone decided instead of trying different dramatic roles he would just be himself, and let his inner Tard shine.

Starting in 1976, Stallone would write or star in a string of Tard movies that would make him legendary.

Stallone proved to be a versatile Tard.

He could be a Tard Cop

A Tard boxer

Or a Tard soldier

Stallone would play various versions of these characters throughout the next four decades. If you needed a Tard cop/soldier from the past, present, or future, Sly was your guy.

Here is a brief highlight reel of Stallone’s Tard brilliance

What is your favorite Stallone Tard role?