Tardist of the Day: Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine is one of my favorite guitarists, but his opinions have always been a little controversial. A think a lot of his fans have learned to love the art and hate the man over the years. I certainly don’t hate the man, if anything I can respect him for saying what he thinks. Mustaine is one of the pioneers of thrash metal and the original guitarist for Metallica, but he was kicked out of the band prior to the release of their first album Kill ‘Em All and went on to start his own man Megadeth.

Mustaine has lived a complicated life. He struggled with drug addiction for most of Megadeth’s peak. It was his drinking that got him kicked out of Metallica. Mustaine has gone to rehab over a dozen times and became a born again Christian after getting clean for good.

He had neck issues from years of head banging and he had a severe arm injury that left him unable to use one of his hands, but somehow he bounced back and taught himself to play guitar again. He’s also just recently beaten throat cancer.

I thought we’d pay tribute to Dave with some of his most controversial moments.

Here’s Dave’s thoughts on gay marriage.

    • “More power to them. It says in the Bible that men should not lay with men like they lay with women. I mean I don’t wanna fuck up and not go to heaven.”
    • “I don’t wanna talk about this. The last thing I need is a bunch of homos picketing us.”

Here are some of other of his brightest moments.

  • He had a long standing feud with his former Metallica bandmates and his replacement Kirk Hammett. He often bragged that he fucked his girlfriend after he replaced him in Metallica.
  • Dave refused to play some of his own songs because they featured black magic as subjects. After Mustaine became a Christian he couldn’t bring himself to play some of his earlier songs.
  • He’s been sued by David Elefson, the bassist in Megadeth, and somehow they can still work together.
  • He put out the album Risk, which was awful.

Here’s some compliation of Dave getting mad during concerts. Always fun to watch these. Some clips are better than others.

When Metallica kicked Dave out, they ended up using a lot his material for songs. Some of them were reworked. He gets credit for 4 songs on Kill ‘Em All and two songs on the follow-up Ride the Lightning.

The most famous of Mustaine’s songs is probably The Mechanix, which was originally a Metallica song, but when he was kicked out they changed the lyrics and the song became The Four Horsemen. When Mustaine started Megadeth he recorded The Mechanix as it was originally intended. Here’s both songs so you can see the similarities.

I personally like The Mechanix better and I can’t understand a single line in the whole song.

Here’s to Dave. Fuckin’ great guitarist. Tard of a man.