Classic Tard: Super Dave Osborne

Do you like non-stop action? Do you like gruesome injuries? Do you like Tards? Of course you do, you’re at TGO.

Well, before Bulgingsnake made the world famous Atmosphere Jump, and way before I jumped out of a tree with a recycling bin, there was another Tard. A Super Tard.

Super Dave Osborne was a character invented by comedian Bob Einstein. Super Dave began wowing crowds in the 1970’s with his outlandish stunts. He was the Tard Evel Knievel.

Dave was often accompanied the his sidekick Fuji Hakayito, who was also a Tard and a very funny racist stereotype.

Most of Super Dave’s stunts were outrageous and would end with injury or certain death. Or some unexpected things would kill him during the stunt.

Many sketches were filmed at the Super Dave Compound, which was a resort, theme park, learning center, and anything else needed for the plot-line of a particular episode.

Like most Tards, Super Dave was know for giving the thumbs up hand sign. And his catchphrase was Holy Chim! which when translated from Tard to English means Holy Shit!

Do you have a favorite Super Dave sketch?