Tard Week: Surgical Masks

TGONN – With the Corona virus outbreak in China, the world has been reminded of the importance of surgical masks in Asia. In fact, demand for surgical masks in China and much of Asia has been so high that there are now shortages in surgical masks. There is a lengthy explanation and history for why the Asian people wear surgical masks, but the short answer is because a lot of Asians are tards!


As it was once explained to the TGONN Editor by The Artist Formerly Known As Mrs. Perfect, who is Asian, there is a lot of social pressure to wear surgical masks during flu seasons and such even though the masks have been proven to be ineffective. Don’t underestimate the influence of tards though. Tard influence can be so great that it can even have an impact on weddings!


It is interesting to note that due to the large demand for surgical masks in Asia, they come in many varieties. There is the budget yet multi-utilty surgical mask.


There is the, ‘I’m trying to be cute but I’m only looking like an even bigger tard’ mask.


Then there is the rebel / sexy surgical mask.


But just like the variety in surgical masks, not all tards are created equal! Some Asians are simply kind of tard. Kind of like Jimmy Kimmel!


And then you have those who are FULL-TARD. Full-Tard is an affliction that one doesn’t choose but inherits from their parents.


TGONN reached out to some Asian guy for comment about surgical masks, and well, you’ll just have to see the video. TGONN didn’t have the budget to get a translator.

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