Stone Temple Pilots: Perdida

Stone Temple Pilots rebounded with new singer Jeff Gutt after they two lost former vocalists in a short time. Scott Weiland died from a drug overdose in 2015 and Chester Bennington (who the band recorded an EP with and toured with) committed suicide in 2017. They released their first album with Gutt in 2018 and their first single Meadow got a decent amount of airplay. I heard it a lot at least. Now they’ve put out a second album fairly quickly with Perdida.

Perdida is STPs first all acoustic album. I figured I’d check out considering I stumbled upon it on Apple Music and I can listen to it essentially risk free. The album has 10 original songs and it’ll be followed by an acoustic tour.

I always try to go into experimental albums with an open mind, but making an acoustic album at this stage of their career seems like a head scratching decision. Especially since it looks like the band were more than happy enough to hire a singer who sounds nearly the same as Scott Weiland and tour the globe playing the songs from the Weiland era. Bands like Stone Temple Pilots are essentially releasing albums to announce that they are touring, then when they got out on the road they play one new song and then the rest of their 90 minute set is their classics.

Hard not to think of this album of a bit of a misfire. I can see why someone could enjoy it if you go into it acknowledging that is essentially a new project and not a Stone Temple Pilots album.

Jeff Gutt is so close to sounding like Scott Weiland that there were times where I forgot Weiland wasn’t still singing for STP. What the album is really missing is Weiland’s lyrics. Gutt’s writing is mostly just retracing all the love song cliches. Its a relaxing listen and its hard to hate, but there’s very little that stands out. I think I would’ve been more interested in seeing some of the classics reworked with acoustic elements. Their acoustic version of Plush is great so exploring that a bit more could’ve been cool. No real song stands out. Its just consistently meh.

I don’t have a lot more to say about this. I went into this post thinking I’d have lots to say. None, I guess this is the end. I just can’t help but question this shift from a 30 year old band. Perida gets a 5 out of 10 from me.