Tard Special: 2020 Academy Awards

TGONN – Tard week is officially over, we think, but tard remains in full swing. Just like the election year never ends, neither does the tard! Last night was the 92nd Academy Awards, and it was so tard that a tard was spotted on the red carpet and later presented an award. Way to go Shia LaBeouf, you fucking retarded tard!


But being such an extravaganza of an event, the Academy Awards attendance wasn’t restricted to actor tards. Musician tards like Billie Eilish were on hand too!

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Towards the end of the evening Joaquin Phoenix won an award for being a mega tard and then he said some tard shit about a cow crying. It was so tarded that TGONN reporters began to rethink the true value of humanity.


But all was not lost. There was some Korean guy that won a few awards, but he didn’t seem to be tard. He wasn’t wearing a surgical mask, and I’m sure he was really mocking everyone when he spoke Korean.


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