Mighty Moose: A Biography Part 6

It was getting to the point where Mighty Moose’s 2001 Nissan Sentra was starting to get a little rough around the edges. The rocker panels were starting to go on it and now it seemed to cost a couple hundred dollars extra every time he went to go get it serviced. So he figured it was time to go search for a new vehicle.

He walked down the halfway of his apartment complex and knocked on John Amos’ door (remember him from Part 3? Looks like he’s the first recurring character in the Mighty Moose Biography. Alright, now lets get back to the story). He had a Nissan Sentra that was a few years newer than Mighty Moose’s a far less mileage. John Amos hardly ever went anywhere and when he did he usually took a taxi for some reason. So here’s the exchange between the two neighbours.

Mighty Moose: Hey John Amos, can I buy your car?

John Amos: No.

Then John Amos shut the door. John Amos was always sort of moody and you never really knew what John Amos you were gonna get from day to day. John Amos talked a lot more in part 3 than he did here in part 6, but no big deal. Mighty Moose didn’t bother prying. Mighty Moose was never one to rock the boat.

Mighty Moose decided that maybe a small truck would suit him. Like maybe a Dodge Dakota or a Ford Ranger. He had a little tent trailer than he wouldn’t mind hauling around either although the trailer wasn’t worth a damn when the mosquitos were bad.

Mighty Moose went to a used car place a couple of days later to look at a 2004 Ford Ranger, but when he got there he noticed that the truck was parked in a puddle. That gave Mighty Moose the impression that the truck was probably all rusted out underneath. Car salesman usually park vehicles near a puddle if they don’t want you looking underneath them. He left before the salesman could come out and start pressuring him to take it for a test drive.

It was then that the Mighty Moose received a call on his cell phone. His aunt Beth died and she left her 2005 Nissan Sentra to him in his will. His aunt Beth was a total bitch, but he knew she looked after her cars. He was in luck.

To be continued….