Shocking Details Revealed During Weinstein Trial

Famed Hollywood producer/rapist Harvey Weinstein is currently being tried in a New York City court on multiple sexual charges. Many dirty and shameful details are revealed during these trials and the victims are often asked to recount horrific events.

Last week the jury, for some unknown reason, was shown a nude photo of Harvey Weinstein that was taken in 2018. A sketch artist from Reuters saw the photo and released a drawing of it

The photo was followed by testimony from alleged victim Jessica Mann. On the witness stand Jessica testified that Weinstein

“Had horrible hygiene”

“Was deformed”

“Had no testicles”

And was possibly “intersex”

Weinstein’s attorneys objected to the photos but never disputed her testimony.

These new wild details have confirmed one long-held suspicion; Harvey Weinstein has no balls. He might not even be a he, as his status as a biological male is now being questioned.

How do you feel about Harvey having no balls?