Joe Biden’s Campaign Gets Assblasted

TGONN – Getting assblasted by a looney socialist that never combs his hair and a gay guy in Iowa and New Hampshire didn’t cause Joe Biden’s presidential campaign to become untenable, they only confirmed it. Some have predicted this for months, but good ole Uncle Joe still had many fooled.

As the campaign took shape about a year ago, it seemed to many of us that Biden was the ideal candidate. But then he started acting like a grumpy old man, started arguing with people, and made odd challenges to other old farts.


For eight years Biden was President Barack Obama’s right-hand man, helping to guide the nation out of financial crisis, and even stood up to the ultimate strong woman, Hillary Clinton, but still left many Democrats confused.

Simply said, Biden is one old mother fucker. At 78 on inauguration day, he’d be 8 years older than the oldest President to serve before him. Donald Trump!

At a recent CNN town hall in New Hampshire, Biden was asked about picking a running mate. He replied that “because I’m older, I need to nominate someone who is young and is ready on day one to be president of the United States.”

Sorry, Mr. Vice President, that’s not comforting. Maybe we could over look your age if you promised to pay off our student loans.

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