Mariko Aoki phenomenon

Have you ever been browsing a bookstore when you’re suddenly hit with the urge to shit?

We’ve all been there. Dropping an emergency deuce in the Non-Fiction aisle. Believe it or not, this condition has a name, because of course it does.

Thanks to our friends the Japanese we call the urge to shit while browsing a bookstore the Mariko Aoki Phenomenon, named after the women who first noted this occurrence in a Japanese magazine in 1985.

There is no scientific proof of the phenomenon existing. Only the testimony of many, many people. Whether it’s the slouched posture that causes you to feel like you have to poop, or maybe your brain associates reading and pooping. Others have speculated that paper and ink smells trigger a primitive body response.

Have you ever experienced the Mariko Aoki Phenomenon?

Does a different store make you want to shit?