Old People Love Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods is a cop show that features Tom Selleck, the gay Wahlburg and Tom Brady’s ex-wife and for some reason if you are 55 or older you are probably in love with this show. I’ve never seen it, but I know it airs on Friday night and a lot of the boomers like to fuck after its on. I don’t know if Tom Selleck is still making the old bitches wet or what.

One of the internets favorite thing to create clickbait about is Blue Bloods getting cancelled because old people who have just got a computer go online and see the headline saying 2020 Cancellations. Did You Favorite Show Make the Cut? and then the thumbnail is a picture of Tom Selleck. Then all the old people in the world are like “FUCK THEY CANCELLED BLUE BLOODS”. Then when you click the headline giving the petty website the click they’ve desired you realized CBS didn’t cancel Blood Bloods. Then you go and set your PVR for next Friday night because you’re old and sometimes 8PM is too late for you. So clickbait is pretty much Blue Bloods fault.

When Blue Bloods finally does get cancelled, and I hope it does soon the world is probably going to end. Every person who is wearing sunglasses in their Facebook profile picture will be saying that they’ll never watch anything on CBS again. Until they realized that the remake of Hawaii Five-O is on CBS too and they can’t stop watching that.

Also, the show is called Blue Bloods because the whole family in the show are cops so they “bleed blue” because that’s the color of the cop uniforms.

Do your parents watch Blue Bloods?