Pakistan Makes Tarded Laws About Social Media

TGONN – KARACHI, Pakistan—Authorities in Pakistan approved sweeping new regulations restricting social media, rules that would dramatically change the way companies such as Facebook and Twitter operate in the country and critics say would threaten freedom of expression.

Under the new regulations, passed by Pakistan’s government Wednesday, media companies must remove content Pakistani authorities deem objectionable, set up offices and data centers in the country, and remove the encryption on content if requested by authorities.

If the companies don’t comply, according to the rules, the company’s platforms could be blocked in the country, according to legal amendments instituted this week by the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The government said the internet must be regulated, pointing to problems such as hate speech, posts alleging blasphemy, “fake news” and the online harassment of women as ills the new rules are aimed at addressing.

In a first, TGONN posted this news article based on only factual information, without any added embellishment in a quest for cheap FBTs. Because TGONN doesn’t want to get banned in Pakistan as a result of causing a Pakistani government official to become butthurt

If you trigger a liberal, they will simply scream and cry like a little bitch, and write a pissy email. But a Pakistani Muslim will ban your site from their nation and just might hang you by your testicles.



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