Rick Moranis Coming Out of Retirement for Shrunk

Rick Moranis was one of the more beloved comedy actors of his era, but many people questioned what ever happened to him as he basically retired in the mid-90s when his wife passed away and he had to raise his children.

Moranis has done some voice over since the start of the new millennium most memorably in the two Brother Bear movies for Disney. The last time he physically appeared in a movie was back in 1997. Now it looks like he’s finally ready to come back with a FILM reviving Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

Moranis appeared in a trilogy of films and scientist and dad Wayne Szanlinski, whose inventions ended up either significantly shrinking or growing one of his family members. Josh Gad is on board to play Moranis’ son.

Shrunk is intended to be released in theaters.