Did you know?

Today is Valentine’s Day. The made-up holiday by Hallmark for you to buy shit that either dies (flowers) or gets the other person fat (chocolate) to show them that you love them. Then the ladies parade around on social media saying, “Look at what my pussy whipped bitch husband/boyfriend got me.”

Well, did you know that the day before Valentine’s Day, Feb 13th, is Galentine’s Day.

You heard me right. Galentine’s Day. You may ask, “ovaherenow, you’ve got to be shitting me. I know you wouldn’t lie to us, the great people of TGO. What in the holy hell is Galentine’s Day?” Well…

What the hell is this? Can we just make up holidays now?

I’m making on up right now. I’m going with Palentine’s Day. It’s when dudes get together, drink some beers, get sloppy, play some shirt/skins drinking games and see where it leads! ARE YOU WITH ME GUYS?!?