5 Facts About Onions

Let’s get spicy today on TGO!

Get out your best knife and peel back the layers…

It’s time to discover the wonders of onions

5 Facts About Onions

1: The Latin name for onion is factorem liberali, which translates to liberal maker, because onions make you cry like a bitch

2: Onions were first discovered by ancient shit-hippies who were digging an Earth Bong

3: TGO author Steve invented the deep fried blooming onion by accident in 1997. It was a sexual mishap

4: Contrary to popular opinion onions are not a vegetable. They are a fruit. They came out as gay in 1997 during a sexual mishap with TGO author Steve

5: Fried onions are only legal in 13 states in the USA, unless prescribed by a doctor

I hope you’re not too teared up to comment about onions!