New Star Wars “Secret Sith” Project in Development

Deadline is reporting that Lucasfilm is developing a “film” for either Disney+ or theaters that will focus on the Sith planet of Exegol that was introduced in The Rise of Skywalker. The project is being reported as a film, but I am not so quick to believe that it’ll be a film.

The project already has a writer and director. Matt Owens of the Netflix series Luke Cage is writing and Matt Owens, director of the movie Sleight, is directing. I’ve never seen Sleight. There is no other details on what will be featured in the show.

Personally based on the small amount of info in the report I’m far more interested in this story if its a Disney+ series. Bob Iger claimed they wouldn’t be releasing Star Wars films on Disney+ so maybe they changed their minds? Also, these two directors don’t fit into the “tentpole” directors that Lucasfilm said they would be hiring in the future in the wake of all the firings in the past.

Deadline tried to contact Lucasfilm and they didn’t want to comment. I would think if this project wasn’t going on they would’ve denied it. Anyway, this seems like a very niche story for Star Wars. Maybe we’ll find out how Palpatine is still alive in the project? This announcement hasn’t exactly rocked my socks so far. We’ll see if it goes any further.

Are you interested in a Sith/Exegol project from Star Wars? Would it be better suited as a film or series?