Star Wars to Explore The High Republic

Several Star Wars novel and comic writers have been teasing a Star Wars project called Project Luminous for the last few months. It was formally announced at a panel last night. Prior to its announcement fans expected that this project would reveal a timeline where new movies would exist. Turns out that’s not the case. Its a new era nonetheless, but no film announcements right now.

Project Luminous was revealed to be Star Wars: The High Republic. Taking place 200 years before The Skywalker Saga and featuring all new characters. Although its possible that Yoda was around at this time since he’d still be like 700 years old at this time.

This project begins in August with a book called The High Republic written by Charles Soule. There were several other books and comics announced.

Very little details about the characters were shown, but the Jedi are said to be at the peak of their power at this time in the galaxy and some “great disaster” will send the galaxy in to chaos. The villains for this story will be the Nihil which were said to be “space Vikings”. There should be no Sith since they were supposedly inactive at this time. The featured image for this post is some concept art that was shown at the event.

So where we sit right now if you are looking for cool original Star Wars stories these books might be worth checking out. Here’s the cover for the first book below. Its possible that if these characters become popular we’ll see them in future movies.


A wookie Jedi could be cool. I usually try not to post about the books anymore, but this could be a big turning point in Star Wars storytelling, even if it isn’t in the movies right now.