Steven Spielberg Leaves Indiana Jones 5

Word broke last night that Steven Spielberg has decided to step back and not direct Indiana Jones 5. Spielberg has directed the 4 films in the franchise at this point. He’ll remain on the project as a producer. James Mangold, director of Logan and Ford vs Ferrari will take over directing.

Indiana Jones 5 has really struggled to get moving. Just a couple of weeks ago it was said it would begin filming this summer, but I doubt that’s a possibility now with a director change. The release date is still set for July 6th, 2021. This news will not get as much publicity as a Star Wars director leaving a project, but this is another director failure for Lucasfilm.

Indiana Jones was the brainchild of George Lucas and Spielberg, and both with have minimal involvement in this 5th movie. Harrison Ford is still attached, but he’s going to be ancient by the time this movie comes out.

Mangold is at least a good pick for a replacement.