I’ve noticed something over by the shopping center by my gym . Apparently a lot of older sketchy looking males in their 20’s riding BMX bikes. Do I see them going to the gym…no…they all are riding someplace real fast threw the intersection next to my gym. I see a different guy almost daily all with a similar good look. Baggy shorts, hoodies, white t-shirt or wife -beaters. They usually have some type of beard or goatee and most have a baseball hat on or a shaved head. Just regular dudes. This caused me to start thinking about BMX bikes. What makes them so special for sketcky guys? Why don’t you see sketchy guys on roller blades or unicycles or ridding a moped or a pogo stick?

I had a few theories why.

  1. They are fairly cheap to buy used compared to other bikes. If its stolen your not out thousands of dollars.
  2. They are very mobile and durable so if your running from a cop you can ride it pretty much anyplace to get away.
  3. They are easy to carry so if you need to throw it in the back of a buddies truck or carry it up and down stairs you can. Easy to take on a bus. Hell most are light enough you can even pick them up and throw them over a fence if your on the run.

As you can see they really are the best mode of transportation for sketcky guys.

Do you have a BMX bike? I haven’t had one since grade school but I may have to step it up and get one again.