Deep Cut of the Day

Hair of the Dog was the 6th album from Scottish rock band Nazareth. Its their breakout album in America and their most successful release of all time. The band did have some hits in Europe prior to this and they had been releasing albums for 5 years at that point.

Nazareth intended to name the album and the title track Son of a Bitch, but their record company wouldn’t allow it so they named it Hair of the Dog. They figured that Heir of the Dog would basically be a more clean way of saying Son of a Bitch. Despite the language Hair of the Dog got a lot of airplay on rock radio, but they had an even bigger hit with their cover of the Everly Brothers song Love Hurts.

Today’s deep cut is Miss Misery, a hard rocking track with some awesome vocals from singer Dan McCafferty.

I’ve never really been one to listen to this band. I check them out because Thereforeiam requested a Nazareth deep cut. Turns out they are a pretty cool riff heavy rock band. I always saw Nazareth as a band that was inexplicably kept alive on classic rock radio despite only 2 or 3 hits, but they’re a great band. I was wrong. So thanks for the suggestion Thereforeiam, you gave me some cool tunes to listen to.