Those sneaky Arkansas police. They are telling people in their community that the local meth is contaminated with the coronavirus. But…if you bring it in or take it to a cop they can test it for free for you.


Now there has been no cases of the cornonavirus in Arkansas….yet. But this is a great way to get stupid people to give you their drugs. This got me thinking. What other ways can this virus be used to get people to do things?

  1. If you have 100 dollar bills bring them to me and they will be tested…if tested positive the money will be destroyed for free for you.
  2. Games from Gamestop recently tested positive to the virus….bring them to me and I will test them for free….should it test positive I will dispose of the game for you.
  3. If you’re a hot chick reports are surfacing that local hot chicks pussies have been infected with the virus…..come over to my place and I will test your pussy for you free of charge.

How would you use the virus to your advantage?