Polish Space Indians: Red Scalp

Heavy rock is a basic recipe. What makes one band stand out from the other is two things; first the quality of the ingredients, and secondly it’s the spices they add to the stew.

There’s not much that hasn’t been done already. But there are musical combinations and flourishes that bands can add to the mix and create something unique.

Enter Red Scalp. These Polish rockers start with the formula laid out by The Godfathers, Black Sabbath. Heavy bass and guitar locked into a low tuned riff, backed by thudding drums, and topped with soaring vocals. But that’s merely their launching point. Red Scalp spice up the meaty riffs with some atmospheric keyboards, a singer with incredible range, the occasional Maiden-style twin guitar solos, lyrics about Native Americans in outer space, and just when you start digging the groove, a saxophone solo will pop up unexpectedly.

This might sound a bit convoluted, but Red Scalp pull it off with great success.

Sure, there’s familiar elements at play here, but take a taste of this rock n roll stew and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Here is the opening song called Mothertime from their 2019 album The Great Chase in the Sky

Here’s a link to the full album. It plays out as one long song, for anyone interested in a 45 minute tribal journey to outer space