Is the Cornonavirus the worlds 911 x 50?

After 911 the American lifestyle (and the rest of the western world) was altered. High security became a new reality. Longer lines became a new reality for events and traveling. Coronavirus is here to stay and it too will bring about new lifestyle changes. The world will adapt eventually but expect new inconveniences. Let’s look at a few.

People will get used to using hand sanitizer all the time. Expect to buy more stuff online so you can avoid going out. People will go out less. Especially to areas with large gatherings of people.  If they do go out wearing some type of stupid mask will become normal and fashionable. Expect many types of hip and cool looking masks hitting the market. Get used to events being canceled. Get used to possibly being tested before entering some places for a temperature or asked about your health. I don’t see how the world can avoid a recession so expect many jobs lost as the world adjusts to people going out less to places. Get used to your work being shut down if someone at work comes down with the virus and you will have to stay home for a week or two to make sure you didn’t get it. This will lead to people being checked at work for a temperature or asked about how they are feeling before they are allowed to start work. Expect places closing all the time like Target or your local supermarket if anyone who works there comes down with it.  Expect some type of quick test kit being made so that people can be tested quickly on the spot… expect if you get a cold or the flu you will be tested for the coronavirus every time you get sick and have symptoms of the virus. You will know people who will get it. This is because in time a lot of people will get it. Expect to be cleaning your house and your stuff a lot more often. This goes also for your work. You may be asked to start wiping down things at work when you arrive and leave with those chlorine wipes. If you go to school or have kids in school you can expect them to end up spending more time at home if any kid ends up with the virus. This is because the school will close for a few days. If your kid goes to daycare……same thing. If any kid gets sick with it at the daycare that daycare will get shut down. So you can expect the nurse at schools checking people when they arrive to school. Which means you will have to drop your kid off even earlier. A vaccine will be made but the virus will mutate. Which means you can still get it but hopefully it won’t be as bad. Life will change for us all. But life will go on. Just hope a virus worse doesn’t come out in our lifetime that is just as contagious.

Are you excited about all the changes the cornonavirus will be causing? Do you plan to live off the grid and not deal with it? Move to a small island maybe? What cool changes do you look forward to the most?