Corona Conspiracies

There’s a lot of brew-ha-ha going on in regards to you-know-what.

We’ve all got it. Some more than others. And as the days go by I’m beginning to believe less and less that it’s because some Insta-Skank ate a cooked bat online to get attention. I’m starting to think there are alternative motives at play with this sudden crisis.

1. The Virus was executed to solidify the distribution of wealth

Cash Moneys

The theory goes that by encouraging a culture of biological fear, panic buying will create enormous profits for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, whilst also letting the insurance and aviation industries off the hook for potential claims and reimbursements.

In other words, human fear and suffering is now an open market, and one to be exploited.

2. The Virus is a means of population control

Old Death

In Ireland, we are facing a very real pension crisis in the next 20 years. With medical advancements and people living longer, the economic question rears its ugly head in regards to who is going to float the bill for our senior citizens.

If young people can’t  buy houses or sustain a manageable level of debt because of legacy costs, the whole economy eventually stagnates.

Enter Covid-19; a means of population control, taking out the oldest and weakest in society.

3. The Virus is a political tool


This is lower down on the scale of credibility, but needs to be called out nonetheless. We all know how media outlets love to sensationalise (especially now in an election year).

Given how partisan the mainstream media has become. and how crisis-driven news has evolved in general, the theory suggests that the impact of the virus is being exacerbated in order to strike blows from party to party.

This is not news. Every crisis gets used as a political vehicle. But it’s only a matter of time before the Coronavirus becomes a tool for either the left or right to gain leverage.

What are your theories on the Coronavirus?