Things Coronavirus Has Ruined

The Coronavirus panic has begun. Thank you politicians and media. You’ve scared the shit out of every idiot on Earth.

The panic has caused a lot of high profile cancellations to avoid potential spread of the virus. Here are some of the biggest I’ve seen.

  1. Pearl Jam has postponed their upcoming American tour
  2. Kiss has cancelled all meet and greets at the end of their concerts. That’s a real big one because obviously the only thing that Gene Simmons loves more than money is not being sick so can he make more money in the coming years.
  3. Women’s World Hockey Championship in Halifax, Nova Scotia that I was hoping to check out has been cancelled. Probably most events that draw countries together will be cancelled.
  4. If you wanted to see Peter Rabbit 2 then too fucking bad because its been pushed to August and everyone will surely be dead by then.
  5. Tim Horton’s Roll up the Rim promotion has been cancelled. I’m not sure how this virus really effects that much, but they always lie about the odds anyway. If I was a die hard Canadian I’d be pissed as hell about this one.
  6. The media are calling it COVID-19 now just to make things confusing. Now stupid people think there are two deadly viruses out there.
  7. Toilet Paper and surgical masks are in low supply. I’m not even really sure why toilet paper is.
  8. You aren’t supposed to shake hands anymore because you can transmit the disease. Honestly, judging people off their handshake is a bit of an outdated concept anyway.
  9. The sales of Stephen King’s The Stand are probably way up. So good for him.
  10. The only people who this virus is going to kill are the weak, the old and the sluts, because they will end up having sex with a bunch of people that have it and that will give them Coronavirus 5000 and that kills them.

What has Coronavirus ruined for you TGO?