Band Mascots

Some bands chose to create a mascot to display on their album covers. The over the years these characters can become as recognizable as the band’s themselves. Here are my personal favorites.

Eddie (Iron Maiden)


Eddie is probably the most obvious choice on the list for me. He’s appeared on every single Iron Maiden album cover and a fair amount of their singles. Eddie has taken plenty of different forms over the years as a variety of different monsters. Still he’s somehow always recognizable. Eddie often appears at Iron Maiden’s concerts as well.

Vic Rattlehead (Megadeth)


Megadeth surely took some inspiration from Eddie with their own mascot Vic Rattlehead. His last name is taken from a song from Megadeth’s debut album. Vic appears on the covers for the first 4 Megadeth albums. His first appearance on the band’s debut album was so poorly done that it was overhauled years later after the band became successful. His appearance get a bit more spotty in the following albums but he did appear on the cover for their most recent album Dystopia¬†in 2016

Does your favorite band have a mascot?