Quarantine Weekend

Canada’s cases of Coronavirus are far less significant than they have been in the US. In my province of Nova Scotia there isn’t a single confirmed case yet. Still, despite that the panic is on and pretty much any public event that is happening in the next week or so has been cancelled. So, even though no one is infected I’ll be spending Friday the 13th home alone with nothing to do.

On top of it all, watching sports can often be a good time passer, but with the bombardment of cancellations yesterday that leaves me no sports to watch. So I’ll probably just smoke a bunch of weed and have a movie marathon this weekend because there will be no one around.

Its possible that the coming weeks could either clear things up or it could get worse. So the future weekends could be even worse.

How are you going to spend your isolated quarantine weekend TGO? If you live in a hotel try not to kill all of your family.