Friday The 13th – Virus Edition

TGONN – Your TGONN editor Mr. Perfect here. In TGONN news, this shit is getting scary. I’ve always imagined global bad stuff, ever since I was a kid, but I never thought it would actually happen. Now I’m on orders to work from home indefinitely. I’ve been stocking for weeks now, and have enough to sustain me and my girlfriend for a month or more, but I worry. I don’t tell her I worry much, cause I can tell she needs me to be strong even though she lived a much harder life than me. I’ll be honest, I’ve been drinking for hours now which makes the truth come out. I’ve been trying to downplay the ‘Mexican Beer Virus’ for quite awhile now, but I really worry. My mom and dad are in high risk groups and I require medication on a daily basis. Have since I was a little kid. I worry about my parents, and about my girlfriend should I be unable to get medication a month from now.

All night, all I can think is that this is surreal. It’s like a nightmare. My grandfather lived through the time when Spanish Flu hit and made him an oprhan. I just hope I can be as strong. I also hope Onemat, Bulge, Steve, Uilick, Villian, Momster, Autumn, Ray and others whose my drunken ass can’t manage to list are strong too. In a weird way you all became friends to me.

Take care of yourselves and your your families. I hope we can keep the FBT going.

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