The Boredom of Working During the Pandemic

I live in a very small town, in a very small province, in a country that has far less cases of Coronavirus than the US, Italy, China, etc. The threat is very real here, but the virus is just starting to touch down. So if you’re working for the Canadian government or working in Ontario, which is the part of Canada that is hardest hit then chances are you’ve been sent home in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Unfortunately that isn’t the case for me.

I work in sales, providing a service that is far from essential in times like these. The people are far more worried about buying groceries than they are in coming and talking to me. Plus, with the panic over cleanliness right now its just not a risk most people are willing to take. Regardless of how many Facebook posts my boss wants to make about how often we clean everything. Grocery stores, drug stores and gas stations are pretty much the only places not struggling right now.

So I’ve spent the last two days waiting for costumers that will possibly not come for weeks. A few co-workers were laid off today, and oddly enough with the situation we’re in now it wouldn’t exactly break my heart if I were laid off either although it would cause a bit of stress because I don’t want to chew through all my savings in the coming weeks. Who knows how long this virus will last? I don’t know if doing nothing at home is much better than doing nothing at work, but at least then I’m in control.

Even my TGO posts have been suffering from this virus. It has dominated the conversation so much that its one of the only things on my mind, and posting every five minutes listing the things that have been cancelled would get stale pretty quick. Plus, it seems many of the other TGO writers and readers have been less involved during this time because I’m sure they’ve got their own problems right now.

Are you still working during the pandemic? If so is it business as usual or are you finding the days long?