Unfortunately it wasn’t by an actual ghost.. That shit I’m used to and causes no qualms whatsoever .

Keep in mind I have not felt anything significant for anyone since meeting my former fiance I spent a decade with about 15 years ago. This new guy and I just hit it off. In many great ways

He was a trucker but would return back to my neck of the woods weekly. This was perfect as I wouldn’t get sick of him.. He calls me like 5 times a day, says he loves me when he’s completely wasted.. I just ignored it figuring he’d forget about it the next day anyway.. Usually that shit would make me running scared but i liked him enough to look over that.

One day I send him a general pic and he says, “you look like your in a really good mood to”

This was clearly distressing .. not only ways “your” improperly used but “to” as well. My roommate, who knows I’m a small female version of his best friend, my dad says “there’s no way you can handle that.”

I thought of my EX, when me when flip phones were the thing so he would have said “u look like ur happy + in a good mood 2” TOTALLY acceptable, pushing three buttons at once. Once we broke up he wrote “your an idiot” (on a smart phone) I couldn’t care less whatever name he called.. but the fact I was in love, built my life, my career around a man who does not know the difference between your and you’re killed me inside.

Then there’s my mom who constantly insults me with “your a nit wit” which I can only reply “*you’re”

So now, I finally met someone I actually like, of course I had to confront him on the grammar error.. and he blocked/ghosted me despite the whole conversation being a big laughable joke which nobody seemed upset about.

I am so fucking baffled it’s not even funny.