Spammers hanging up on me

A while back I filled out some some information seeking vocational schools and apprenticeships for carpentry or cosmetology. Later I am inundated by spam callers at all hours of the day trying to enroll me in some BS online schools. I explain I doubt I can learn to use a table saw via the internet. They continue to pester me and they hang up before I get the chance to tell them to take me off their list. only to have them call five minutes later.

I also get spammers ensuring they can lower my interest rate on my mortgage. I explain I have no mortgage yet they continue to ask what my interest rate is on my nonexistent mortgage…then again, hang up before I can ask them to remove me from their list

I’ve tried being a cunt, I’ve tried pleading, I’ve tried pretending I’m mentally handicapped, tried pretending I don’t speak English and Nada, they all hang up before I can ask to be removed from the list and I really don’t feel like a “free” Corona virus cruise.

One day a group of particularly relentless spammers were harassing me. They all had the same area code and accents. So I start fake crying, explaining my beloved aunt is on her death bed and opposed to holding her dying hand I’m dealing with these assholes. They call again 5 mins later so I start fake sobbing HYSTERICALLY, barely breathing, recounting how my aunt is like a mother to me. One cunt even asks what she’s dying from so i tell them ovarian cancer through barely intelligible wails. They stopped calling,

The moral of the story is this.. Cry as best as you can to get the spammers to leave you alone .