Man, I loved “The Invisible Man”

To be fair I also loved Tom Cruise’s “The Mummy”, so take everything from here on with a pinch of salt.

Leigh Whannell’s “The Invisible Man” is first and foremost a great thriller with a sci-fi horror twist. It plays to its strengths and succeeds in instilling us with a main character unable to see or defeat the adversary right in front of her.


Elisabeth Moss plays the lead as Cecillia, the never-attractive obsession of her optics engineer and entrepreneur boyfriend Adrian Griffin. Running away from the abusive relationship that she was forced to endure, Cecillia learns that her boyfriends subsequent suicide comes with a whole load of unearthly consequences.

Mainly her being stalked by an invisible man.

Invis 2

What I loved more than anything about “The Invisible Man” is the lack of music. Most horror movies lay it on thick with build-up swells and stabs, but this venture caught me off guard on at least several occasions. Everything went quiet when shit was beginning to happen, which meant I never quite knew where or when to look.

That made me relate to the main character. Proof that less is more

Don’t get me wrong, it’s laden with Hollywood plot-twists, as well as gender box-ticking wokeness, but underneath all that is a solid character story about someone trying to escape from the clutches of abuse. Moss is brilliant as a trauma victim, and the sparingly-used effects go down a treat.

Check it out if you’re in the mood for a mild mind-fuck.