Rosario Dawson Cast as Ahsoka Tano in Mandalorian Season 2

Finally some good news.

A huge fan casting has seem to come to reality as Rosario Dawson is joining the cast of The Mandalorian as Clone Wars favorite Ahsoka Tano.

This will be the first time we’ve ever seen Ahsoka in live action after years of appearances in animated shows where she is voiced by Ashley Eckstein. Ahsoka also appeared in Star Wars Rebels.

Rosario Dawson has expressed interest in playing Ahsoka on Twitter and some fans have been crossing their fingers with hopes that the casting would come to be. This is an excellent casting. There is no word on whether Ahsoka will have a large role in the show or not, but this is confirmation that Ahsoka is still alive past the original trilogy era.

This will be non-news for some Star Wars fans, and huge news for others.