Corona Conspiracies Part 2

The Virus was spread intentionally to reduce the global carbon footprint

Chances are you’ve all seen or heard about the ecological outcomes of the virus. With whole industries shut down completely, carbon emissions and other airborne pollutant levels have plummeted in Mainland China.

The theory goes that this outbreak was put in place as a test run for controlled environmental recuperation, a process by which human activities and impacts are limited to allow mother nature to heal.

The Virus originated in China by foreign nations to destabilise its place as a Superpower

It’s no secret that China has benefitted over the past few decades due to their large and cheap working population, as well as their intense focus on economic growth via exports.

Before this virus you could get practically anything shipped from China and at a good price. Furthermore China has also become a major player in the movie industry, with many productions and studios of late catering more and more to the Asian Market.

The theory goes that China, in the eyes of other economic agents, may have become too big for their boots and that a weening period was needed, so as to prevent a global monopoly.

The Virus is a global powerplay in curtailing civil liberties

It’s safe to say we’ve all seen panic buying over the last fortnight. People are fucking idiots, but they’re also only as good as the information that they are given. Or not given.

Social media has played its part in scaring the shit out of otherwise rational people. With social distancing, restricted hours for shopping and leaving the house, and the fear of another recession, the conditions for tyranny and dictatorship are well and truly falling into place.

Nazi Germany happened because a scared and bankrupt people reached out to the first psycho offering hope.

The theory goes that with growing populations and the increasing inability to secure economic targets due to worker/human rights, that this and future crises will be necessary to secure economic growth and quash any insurgencies that may arise.