I’m Losing My Job On Wednesday! F*ck Yeah!

Got a conference call today from our CFO that in the event of a lockdown, our chain of stores are set to close, meaning head office needs to suspend operations until such a time as it’s safe to return.Ergo I’ll be out on my ass. And I’m really not that bummed out.Being a graphic designer today is like being a fucking helper monkey. It used to be a creative profession where people came to you and trusted you to execute the best layout. Nowadays everyone thinks they’re a designer, and they just want a button pusher to delegate mundane shit to.Also I spend more time fixing other people’s IT problems because they’re too lazy to Google it themselves.So with talk of a lock-down coming into effect this Wednesday, I’m pretty much going to treat this thing like a stay-cation. I’m going to dust off my CV, wrap up my online courses, and fingers-crossed get the fuck out of this milquetoast profession.Wish me luck!