RIP Stuart Gordon

I get back to my desk earlier, after taking a big-ass Dino Dump. My ass was still throbbing, and I flick on the news to see this. Fuck it anyway.

Stuart Gordon was a film director, highly esteemed more so by his fellow filmmakers than his audiences. He is probably most famous for directing Re-Animator, From Beyond & Dolls. He was a well-versed patron of horror cinema, with the aforementioned movies being beloved by fans as prime examples of 80’s gore.


From Beyond


His work was less than prolific in the ensuing decades, but he did write Space Truckers and I love the fucking shit out of that movie.

Space Truckers

Always with something to add about horror as a genre, Gordon was a regular feature in horror movie documentaries and behind-the-scenes specials. He was loved.

Gordon died yesterday at the still-too-young age of 72. I’m convinced he had another horror movie in him, but we’ll never get to see it now.

Godspeed Sir, and thank for you for your service.