It was only about a week ago the US was about 28 thousand people behind Italy. This week the US finally closes the gap to about 10 thousand now. In another week the US will be in prime position to possibly over take Italy and possibly even China. But I admit it’s going to be close. The US may need another week to get that #1 spot.

Now I know a lot of people are being lazy and staying home. If we are going to get that #1 spot in a week we all need to do our part. Get out there. Have a few parties. Invite all your neighbors over. The more get togethers the better. If you’re close to NYC or Jersey take a road trip there. Everything might be closed but you can still touch a bunch of stuff. Maybe visit a few doctors offices. Find a truck stop maybe. Take a cruise on a ship or fly a plane someplace.

Let’s all work together in these times so we can be number #1. Don’t be lazy. Get off that couch and get out there. I know you can do it.

How do you plan to do your part in all this?