I’ve Been Laid Off

Hey guys, I thought I’d check back in. I got laid off on Friday. I’m one of more than a million Canadians that applied for EI last week. Its hard to believe how quickly things change. We were just starting to take this virus seriously by canceling public events and then within a week I was out of a job.

My income is very inconsistent so I don’t have very high expectations for my EI cheques. I haven’t gotten any money yet, but its probably going to be enough to pay my rent and power for the month. Any other additional expenses including food are going to bankrupt me pretty quick.

So, it looks like I’m probably going to move back in with my parents until this whole thing blows over. My parents live about 5-10 minutes from my apartment so I’m going to continue to pay my rent, but I’m going to stay with my family so I don’t have to pay to feed myself.

I’m taking a bit of a hit to my pride by moving in with mom and dad at this point in my life, but at least I’ll have some company and I’m going to try my best to hang on to my apartment, so I can get back there as soon as possible.

This is the most time I’ve had off in 10 years, probably since I was 15 years old. I will say that being at home doing nothing is going to be a lot better than being at work and doing nothing. I did most of my TGO work while I was at work so my presence on this site may be a bit spotty over the next few weeks. I hope you other writers and readers that are having some bad times are able to keep going too.