As the USA climbs to 100 thousand tested and confirmed infected people, actual number is probably 10 times that, people are starting to feel the effects of this wonderful virus. If your lucky enough not to be sick you are either working from home, got hours cut back or have been completely let go. The results being people have free time to watch more TV now.

This of course has caused problems for streaming services who have struggled to keep things from crashing. If your not watching 10 new shows maybe you’re diving back into music again. Either playing or listening to old and new stuff. Or perhaps you have tried to take up a new hobby? If you’re a gamer I’m sure this is a great time to play multiplayer games online. One thing good about all this is the roads are less congested. If you need to go anyplace you can get there pretty quick now. I could technically drive to LA in under an hour now I’m pretty sure. Not only that. I could drive to any part of it easily. I have never seen traffic like this ever. At least not in my lifetime. It was probably hasn’t been this good since the 1960s back when many freeways didn’t even exist.

So how are you coping with things? Are you ready for at least another month or two of this?