I guess that is a lot of music. But maybe it isn’t I don’t know. All I know is when I get bored I go looking for some more and I’ve been bored a lot lately. I’ve accumulated it over the years. Many years. In fact some of it is pretty old so I’ve had to go back and redownload a lot of it cause so much of it was only at 128-192kps which is horrible quality. But at the time hard drive space was more sparse so lower quality made sense since hard drives were so small.

My collection started with my own CDs and my friends CDs I borrowed I wanna say in the early 2000s. I ripped most of them at 320kps. Which is a lot of work. But as time went on downloading stuff became more easy though a bit time consuming–thank god things are faster now. But again…in the early days 95% of stuff you downloaded was less than 320kps. Even now you still find a lot of stuff online less than 320kps which should be a crime. But strangely lately I have the opposite problem. As I have gone on to upgrade a lot of my older stuff, or find new stuff, A LOT of it is now in wav file format. Which is nice. But that shit takes up A LOT of space cause files are huge. But the quality is as good as it gets. But I still like mp3 so I have to take the time to convert stuff back to 320kps mp3. Its a small price to pay for good mp3s I guess. I’m sure mp3s will be a thing of the past in a few years as wav files become the norm and my massive collection will be dated. But I don’t care. I think 320kps mp3s sound good enough. So since I have so much stuff I figured I should start bringing some gems, mostly classic gems since I don’t like too much of the new music out there, to peoples attention.

I have to admit most of my music is in the rock category but I do have a little bit of almost everything. So today I will start with something old. Real old to bring to peoples attention.

Green Onions came out in 1962 by Booker T. &the M.G.’s and was very popular at the time. It is still considered a classic for instrumental soul and rock. Booker wrote most of the song when he was 17 on his Hammond M3 organ but a lot of the song was improvised during recording in the studio. The style of the organ would go on to become a staple of the Memphis soul sound.