Past Wednesday Bulgingsnake flew out to Colorado. He has a close friend that’s basically family who might not have much time left on this planet. Snake’s friend is a marine and his mental health has gradually gone down hill since he came back from The Middle East.

Snake doesn’t particularly want to be out there but when it comes to close friends and family then he’s Johnny-on-the-spot.

Bulgingsnake will try to make it online but this area of Colorado is very secluded and has ‘next to no’ reception. So I will be doing most of the moderating. One of Snake’s pet peeves is authors not leaving a category so I’ll be doing basic stuff like that.

Please don’t let burn down to the ground to much while The Bulge is gone and don’t start up phoney accounts with Bulgingsnake’s likenesses which has already happened, people are morons and will actually believe it is him.

I personally think this short leave will be good for Bulgingsnake. He gets crazy creative when he’s out of his element.

In Bulgingsnake we trust.