Villain’s Expanded List of the Worst People on Earth

  1. Apple diehards who have to get the new phone the second it comes out and buy all of their products despite their reputation for taking advantage of their customers.
  2. People who put milk in their coffee. Gross. Its cream or nothing you maniacs. Even Coffee Mate would be fairly acceptable.
  3. Men under 5 foot 6 who have wives who are taller than them.
  4. Celebrities who tell you who to vote for, and even more so people who vote for a person because of a celebrity endorsement.
  5. Soundcloud rappers that actually think they’re going to have a music career.
  6. People who still wear those Female Body Inspector T-shirts. Except for One Mat Gang, because we all know he has one. I’ve never seen him wearing one, but there’s no way he doesn’t own one.
  7. Anyone with sunglasses with a white rim on them.
  8. The guy that thought it was a good idea to put that foot long cord on a Shop Vac. I’ve never once been able to use one of those things without an extension cord because the cord that comes with it is way too short. I don’t even use one often, but its something that pisses you off every time you use one.
  9. People who say “thanks a lot” sarcastically. Probably after I’ve destroyed something they get enjoyment out of.
  10.  People who one up someone by a dollar on the Price is Right. I know I’ve said this one before, but I’ve been home a lot lately so I’ve been watching more Price is Right and its pissing me off now more than ever.

What’s grinding your gears right now TGO?