Honor Blackman (1925 – 2020)

This is a bit of a bummer, as Goldfinger is my favourite Bond movie of all time. Blackman is famous for her portrayal as one of the first seminal Bond Girls, Pussy Galore.

Blackman sadly passed away today at the ripe old age of 94. No, it wasn’t due to the Coronavirus. She died of natural causes, surrounded by family members. I love all aspects of Goldfinger. For me it perfectly distilled the Bond formula of super villains with plans of global domination (something which the previous two Bond installments didn’t quite achieve IMO). Also I love Connery’s suit in it. It’s fucking perfect!

But more importantly, Blackman’s Galore character was a mold-breaking performance, in that she could physically take on Bond (she kicks the shit out of him twice in the movie), Furthermore, she starts out as an accomplice to the ruthless Goldfinger, but ultimately redeems herself and helps defeat his plans.


This shit was rare back in the 60’s, and she played a unique character with aplomb.
Without her we might never have gotten this:

Rest in peace Cowgirl, and thank you for your service.