Some Truly Depressing Shit

WARNING: This is some truly depressing shit.

Now that everyone gets to stay home, I have found some saddening upticks in certain statistics reported in the news.

According to Newsweek, hospitals are seeing a spike in domestic assault and child abuse cases, including at least one that resulted in a death. That’s some truly depressing shit, right?

An Op-Ed in the NY Times warns that sexual assault cases will go up, because most sexual assault occurs in the home by a family member, and usually is only reported through the school. Since kids can’t go to school, and have to be locked up with their molesters, well, they’re just fucked. That’s some truly depressing shit, right?

Companies have sent out notifications stating they are unable to match pay for insurance and retirement plans, so the employee (with no fucking income) needs to pony up the full amount. That’s some truly depressing shit, right?

The LA Times has an article that says that suicide hotlines are busy as fuck, as people try to persevere the insurmountable pressure of worry over the fact that they haven’t worked in weeks, still may not work for weeks, and have little to no income to pay for bills, mortgages, car payments, and all the shit you get to have if you have a fucking job. That’s some truly depressing shit, right?

If your kid cries for attention, you’re supposed to disinfect yourself and them before offering comfort. If your friend is sad, you can’t offer a hug. Fuck, you can get this fucking bug from your god damned cat! Tell me that’s not fucking depressing!

Here’s the truly depressing thing – I can’t find a way to make any of this funny. I worry about my friends and my family. I see shelves going under stocked in the grocery store, and they have a fucking barricade set up outside of Wal Mart (granted, ineffective against zombies, but formidable, none-the-less). The Chinese-food place I go to is closed, even the drive thu. The entire world just came to a screeching fucking halt, and every single thing not nailed down has flown the fuck off. And I’m drunk in a basement bringing everyone down, but doing it with way more words than are actually necessary (I learned that shit in the 8th grade, here’s your 800 word essay, dickhole).

The Surgeon General says that this will be our peak week, or the worst week for this wave. That means the number of “new cases” will start to decline after this week, due to the effects of the social distancing campaign. I don’t recall him mentioning his predictions on any of the other truly depressing shit I mentioned here.

I certainly hope we, as a society, start to look at how we treat the people that we love, that we want to care for, and not take out our frustrations on them. If you are feeling stressed, depressed, angry, anxious, or just generally suicidal, you should call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Note: No one but me was harmed in the writing of this article.