Deep Cut of the Day

Alice Cooper has had a lengthy career for about 50 years without hardly ever taking a break. The dude is even still doing his radio show every night and releasing albums and touring on a regular basis. The dude’s 72 years old and is still out there kicking ass after influencing several generations of rock musicians.

Most people know Alice Cooper as a guy, but in the late 60s and early 70s Alice Cooper was actually the name of Alice Cooper’s band, but he kept using the name when he started his solo career with Welcome to My Nightmare after the original band broke up.

Billion Dollar Babies is the sixth Alice Cooper band album. The band were known for writing songs about subjects that would be taboo even today. They had an image that personified their lyrics and the band became shock rock pioneers. Some of the band’s biggest hits are on the record including the excellent opener Hello Hurray, Elected (listen to this song and then play I Wanna Be Sedated by the Ramoes… they totally ripped it off) and No More Mr. Nice Guy.

Today’s deep cut in track #2 Raped and Freezin’. This is a song that appears to be about a man being raped by a woman and escaping.

The tour behind Billion Dollar Babies had record breaking ticket sales, a record that they stole from The Rolling Stones. The Alice Cooper band would only release one more album together before breaking up for good. The band (minus Alice Cooper himself) reunited in the late 70s for a project that was called Billion Dollar Babies.

What is your favorite Alice Cooper song? If you don’t have one, what is your favorite song about rape?