Mass Shooting in My Territory

I’ve been fortunate in my life living in a small rural Canadian area that I’ve never had to experience much violence first hand. Sure, there have been a few homicides in my town over the years, but most were later shown to be crimes of passion that were people killing someone that they feel had wrong them in some way. These murderers were usually caught by police before they could cause much damage, or they simply weren’t interested in killing anyone besides their one target. I’ve never seen violence in my province of Nova Scotia like I’ve seen unfold today.

I woke up today and quickly heard that the RCMP were trying to track down an active shooter that was on the run. By probably noon local time we found out that the cops had the guy in custody and rumors started to swirl on social media. Its been confirmed now that there at least 10 people dead, one is a cop and one is the perpetrator, who was a 51 year old denturist that seemingly has no motive (or at least not one that is public) right now. This event lasted for about 12 hours and the rumored killings cover a fairly broad range. One is as close as about 20 minutes from my home and the furthest would be about an hour and a half away.

Never has a crime like this ever felt this personal. As far as I know I don’t know anyone who has been killed, but I’m guessing there will be more deaths confirmed over the next few days.

I’ve been around for my fair share of violence, but its easy to use the quote “that sort of stuff doesn’t happen here” as a defense mechanism. Turns out that sort of shit does happen here.

One of the scariest aspects of this mass shooting is that the suspect was supposedly carrying out some of his crimes is what was supposedly a car that was mocked up to a look like a police vehicle. So that pretty much proves that this shooting had been pre-planned for quite a while before it was carried out. I had hoped that we would eventually learn that he had stolen a police car, but the police still believe that the vehicle did not belong to them. This side of the story makes this crime feel that much more scary. It makes you wonder if that trick will inspire other potential shooters in the future.

With the COVID-19 battle still ongoing the media was trying to find someway to link this violence to the illness, which is likely complete fiction. The media will stop at no level to scare the shit out of everyone.

I’m sure this feeling is similar to what Americans felt when 9/11 happened (obviously the death toll was far higher) or Columbine. I’m going to bed tonight without feeling as invincible in my small town as I felt when I got up.