I Have Hypothermia

Starting this week my employer has instituted a TSP (temperature screening process). Now when you enter the building you’re greeted by a person behind a plexiglass enclosure and must answer a couple medical questions and have your temperature taken

You’re gunna feel a slight pressure

The enclosure is similar to the one shown. It has a cutout so the person can scan your forehead with a digital thermometer

This seems well thought out, mostly. The cutout is low so they ask you to bend over to take your temperature. The person looks less thrilled each day when I turn my ass towards them.

Secondly, the weather in New York is frigid. And they take your temperature as soon as you walk in. So today my reading was 94.7 degrees F. My body is in hypothermia. I informed the screener that I needed immediate medical attention. They told me to clock in and go to work.

If we are going to have our temperature taken they could at least make sure it’s accurate, or why the fuck bother?!?!

Rectal thermometers are the only true and accurate solution. Join me in my quest to promote rectal temperature screening. Do it for your health. Do it for America’s health.

What type of thermometer do you prefer?